The secret to loving a city is controlling it, bending it to your will, forcing it to give you what you want.
Eventually after years of trodding the same concrete paths you believe you should be afforded your fetish. After all that’s what you suffer through for right?
The city must be made to pay for your suffering, your perils will likely be projected on to her. She’ll make you surrender though, bring you to your knees.
You’ll be begging for release before she’s through with you and in the end, Stockholm syndrome like, you love her for letting you go, bonded in solidarity of mutually assured destruction.

introducing the elder entertainer

Introducing the Elder Entertainer: Ayla Heeds

poet, percussionist, performer, MC, storyteller,

multi-media presenter, workshop facilitator, social media consultant

Be pleased and be aroused by the greatest of all poets around,
this side of town, anyway!
The Town Crier has cried and dried his eyes at the sound of this poet’s loud unapologetic telling of the spelling of the selling,
well you get the picture, sister,
this hear here is gonna be EN-ter-Tain-in’!

Multi-media one woman show called:
Everything you n/ever wanted to know but
couldn’t get the attention of your grandkids
long enough to ask about the World Wide Web

Please email us using the contact form below
for more details, to attend a preview screening
and/or to book this wonderful, affordable show.

Packed with information! Q & A period!

Guaranteed to make people LOL at least once per show!

Strengthens memory! Improves moods!
Interactive Games: Jeopardy-style “Name that Trend!”
Writing + Storytelling + Social media + Blogging workshops available.
Facebook for Old Farts, Twitter for Twits
also: Hand Drumming for “Drummies”

Great for building community!
Invite the family!

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