still lonely, wondering, wandering

a cloud, vapour

plug back in and get to work

a deadline, a line

in the sand

a future plan

i wonce had fans.

But time passes.

people forget,

a man dies,

there are kids.

I can’t do it,

its all too overwhelming

a child has grown

the adults have showen

how not to

do what i say

not what i do

i know what’s right

but i just can’t right now.

always the wrong pace,

the wrong choice, spontaneity.

i’m spoiled like rotten milk

lost faith, how could I?

Make someone believe in me,

someone I wanna be.

Fragments cast away in this omnibus strategy,

you kissed me more when I asked for it.

your face, your face

is so endearing to me

i want to de-age you,

melt the stress, tension and worry.

clean the fury

when i met up with him he reviewed the conspiracy

the hemp car, the pulp ban

cortina, besos, tranquilla

los presas en el aqua, los presas en el agua


pas campagna

dancing faster

the heron chased my bus.