ive started a rumour mill

of quiet revolution

a feeling of welling and telling solutions

i wage with a warm open fire

and potion, i cage up the bottom of my emotion.

im drawn to the fire

i open the page

i sit with the masters and see them enraged

i am but my maker

in all that it slays

i am but entirely of mater in chains

i am but a myriad, a microcosm of change

i start in the classroom, i start on the page

i do it with deliverance,

i do it all day

i’ll do it to the end of my formatted ways

it doesn’t need to be a prisoner

it doesn’t need to be strong, it can’t last for a lifetime

or last in a song

i am but a strand and a flan made of bone

I’m daughted by no one,

i care not for blame

the only thing that is important is we go on our way

Live it up! Sip from the cup!

We’re all in this together,

we must fight for it to control the weather,

the whether or not we’re gonna do it, weather or not we’re gonna weather thru it.

cheers, grab hold of yer matey, limey, blimey, mistress Katy

perrier is sold all over the world, probably owned by coke a cola

wouldn’t fight for it so i told ya, quitting coffee is what i gotta do,

i can do anything you can do better,

so I put on my sweater, and said, I have a cold dear,

gotta stay in bed, perhaps shave my head

run naked in the sun, and the rain, dive into the ocean

protect your right to cross borders,

dived undecided                         (x divided)

derided, derision, it was my decision,

where to go what to do the next direction isn’t up to,

you its up to me, i will be free

i will be greeting you,

at the door,

telling you what I done for,

dressing you down with my eyes,

all in an attempt to undisguise

my truth

all abourd                                z

matey, ahoy

and lately, have you seen a little boy

wandering around here at all,

he’s about yea’ tall…

actually he’s really just learned to crawl,

then he’ll stand himself against the wall

and brace himself against the side of the table,

moving forward ifin heez abel.

Ya, my name’s Mabel,

I’m an old sould,

di-send-id from the gentlin’

cross fit in the main strip,

eerily cage-lit

i dropped off your package,

and here’s how you take it,

just sip it in doses

and don’t forget to space it.

with food, fragrance,

hypnotic cadence

whenever my tameless